U SERVE, 2016:  “U-Serve” is a one-day community based event organized by the University of Miami, School of Architecture and the School’s outreach arm, the Center for Urban and Community Design.  The goal of U-Serve is to engage the community at large through architectural based interventions.  On March 30, 2016, the entire school (roughly 300 students, and 50 faculty and staff) suspended classes for the day to engage with the public and contribute in a variety of ways, their particular skill-set, to the betterment of our shared community.

In our intervention, we focused on ways to bring awareness, interest, and support to the “Underline” project.  The Underline is a proposed linear park located along the underside of the metrorail line.  Scattered along the rail line, at various locations, faculty will lead teams of students and will implement different ideas for how best to broadcast the importance of the project.  Some teams will design and build “pop-up” urban spaces, while others will create temporary awareness installations.  It is meant to be a day of fun, while delivering a serious message: Urban space matters in our community, and the University of Miami is dedicated to help improve it. 

Team Leaders: Steven Fett and Tyler Nussbaum: Life’s a (transitory) Beach, Slow Ride: Adib Cure and Carie Penabad, Underlining Themes: Jorge Trelles and Cristi Canton, A Day in the Life: Jaime Correa, Flash Mob: Meg Daly.